Stockholm Daytripping

Whether you call it The Capital of Scandinavia, The Venice of the North, or Beauty on Water: the city of Stockholm and its surrounding areas are famous for contrasts. The city made of 14 islands that was a product of the ice age is the center of modern-day culture and sophistication.

The medieval core of Old Town Island in Stockholm competes with the beautifully massive national park contained in the island of Djurgården and its surroundings. The ancient history and legacy of the Vikings contrasts with the newer legacies of the iconic Stockholm City Hall, Wasa Ship Museum and UNESCO-listed Drottningholm Palace and Court theater.

Whether you have one day or one week to visit the Stockholm area, you want to make every moment count. This is where we can help you. Offering services as Authorized Stockholm Guide, and with over 30 years of experience in guiding foreign guests around our fair city, we can customize a personal tour to meet all of your personal wishes. We also work with a network of authorized guides with many languages at their disposal. Contact us so that we can customize a program just for you!

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The Best Of Stockholm

The Best Of Stockholm

If you are visiting the Capital of Scandinavia for the very first time, we are delighted to customize a tour for you that includes the highlights of Stockholm. Pick and choose among the selected highlights below for your visit:

Panorama Bus Tour

What better way of getting to know the beautiful 14 islands that comprise Stockholm than a panorama tour of the city with facts and entertaining stories scattered throughout the tour? We will show you our beautiful city and shower you with anecdotal stories about it!

Stockholm City Hall

The iconic City Hall is the site of the Nobel Prize banquet dinner and is one of the most famous architectural structures within the city. It is also a very popular site of civil wedding ceremonies on the weekends. Let us guide you throughout the City Hall and in the surrounding gardens.

WASA Ship Museum

A must-see for anyone visiting Stockholm is this royal warship that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628 and was discovered under water 333 years later! It is amazingly 95% intact to this very day. Let us tell you about why she was built, how she sank and how she was rediscovered. The WASA is most visited museum in all of Scandinavia.

Old Town Walking Tour

No visit to Stockholm is complete without a walking tour of Gamla Stan – Old Town. The Old Town is the oldest inhabited island of the city and contains a core of buildings from medieval times, as well as the Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral. Let us tell you the history and stories as we stroll through the centuries together.

Drottningholm Palace and Court Theater

These UNESCO listed sites are among the most popular to visit in Stockholm. The Drottningholm Palace is the current residence of their Majesties Carl XVI Gustav Bernadotte and Queen Silvia and has been a royal palace since the 1600s. The Drottningholm Court Theater is the only still working theater in the world from the 1700s. Let us customize a tour for you, which can include a scenic ferry ride to the island and lunch on the palace grounds.

Medical History Tour

Medical History Tour

Sweden has a rich 1,000-year-old history in developing medical practice and innovation.

We offer a customizable tour going from health and medical care in the Viking era and early Medieval health care and hospital care.

Tour highlights may also include the first anatomical surgical theatre in Scandinavia, and the Museum of Medical History in Uppsala where global historical innovations such as the first cardiac pacemaker and mechanical ventilator can be seen.

The Medical History tour would not be complete without viewing highlights from the Nobel Prizes in physiology and medicine throughout the years. This includes visits to the Nobel Museum as well as to the iconic Stockholm City Hall, were the Nobel Prize Banquets are held each year.

Viking History Tour

Viking History Tour

Anyone interested in Swedish History will want to know more about the Vikings – their unique culture and legacy that influenced most of Europe as well as many other parts of the world.

We can help you to customize a Viking theme tour for a few hours or a half-or full day as you desire. We start out in the city of Old Uppsala, with the burial mounds of Viking Chieftains and where the famous Viking tempel once stood.  We can continue the journey in the little city of Sigtuna – the first planned Viking city by King Erik the Victorious in the 970´s, and where his son Olof Skötkonung became the first Viking King to be Christianized in Sweden. We will walk among the ruins of 3 of the earliest Viking Christian churches and view some of the 150 Viking ruinstones that may be found in Sigtuna.

The tour ends in the Viking exhibition of the Historical Museum in Stockholm, with deep insight into Viking daily life, culture and the vaulted Gold Room where much of the ancient Viking treasure may be seen.

Sigtuna – Where Sweden begins

Sigtuna – Where Sweden begins

The first capital of Sweden lies about 40 kilometers north of Stockholm on Lake Mälaren. The 1,000 year old city of Sigtuna was founded by Viking King Erik the Victorious in 970, and is one of the cradles of Christianity on the eastern seaboard of Sweden, where the ruins of 3 early Viking Christian churches may be seen. Sigtuna also has about 150 Viking runestones, almost more than any other Viking city.

This charming city still has a main high street that is one thousand years old, but also has the smallest city hall in Scandinavia, as well as picturesque buildings from throughout the centuries. The community of Sigtuna also contains a number of palaces.

Sigtuna is the home of MinnesotaSwede. Let us guide you here as only locals can!

Other customized guided tours

Other customized guided tours

We are happy to customize other guided tours for you and your guests.  Our Corporate Guide Services are duly authorized.

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